( A Family Tradition )
Chapman Electric Company was founded in 1935 in Dallas,Texas by Clifford  "RED"
Chapman. Red received his degree in electrical engineering from Texas A&M and began
his business literally in his backyard. Red served as an officer in the U.S. Army in WWII
where he designed battery re-manufacturing facilities that were set up overseas. Upon his
return, he moved his shop to downtown Dallas and specialized in batteries and
re-manufacturing electric motors for streetcars.                                                                       
  Clifford G. Chapman Jr took over  his fathers business in the early sixties and continued
to grow the business earning Chapman Electric the reputation of being able to rebuild " just
about anything with wire in it ". From electric forklift motors to servo motors.
Chapman Electric Company is now in its third generation of family ownership with James
and Chris Chapman. Through the experience of their predecessors, Chapman Electric
Company has continued to grow as we now service customers throughout the United
States, Canada, and Mexico.
We at Chapman Electric have always put our customers first. Our quality, and customer
support is the very best in the industry. This has not changed since the beginning in 1935
as we continue our family tradition.
www.industrialservo.com  1-800-647-2812
 Chapman Electric Company
    Rebuilding Electric Motors Since 1935